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Design Services

1. Color – Get it right the first time. I have a keen eye that picks up details and influencing factors that you are likely unaware of: lighting, existing elements and decor. This process must be done on site, with natural light. It’s about style, not trends. Trust me. I’ve yet to make a mistake. And you will be involved with every step and decision for the final selections.

2. Style – It may surprise you to know you have great style, although it may seem to elude you. I know how to search for it, find it, and show it to you. Sometimes, it needs a little coaxing, but it’s there! Believe me, if you can choose your clothes in the morning, you have style.

3. Re Design – Use what you have in a fresh new way. Let me show you the secret formulas! It’s all about correct placement in the room, focal points, finding a common thread in your existing furnishings, comfortable arrangements and lighting, then sorting out what you own that does and doesn’t work. You’ll be amazed what great taste you already have, and how little you need to buy new. It’s a makeover – and we’ll do it together so you learn at the same time.

4. Furniture & Art placement – New and existing purchases just not working? Let me assist you. You loved it at the store, it comes home, and something is wrong – or very right and everything else is wrong! We’ll fix that!

5. Shopping – I’m embarrassed to admit how good I am at this, but I can find the right thing at the right price, in a short amount of time. Whether you love or hate shopping, we will always come home with the right items. I don’t like to waste money or time and neither do you. We can do this together, or you may trust me to just go do it. Either way, you’ll be thrilled with the results.